The World’s Largest Referral Organization is finally here, in the Czech Republic

You are invited to discover a proven system for generating a consistent flow of qualified referrals to support your company’s development and increase your generated business.


Every Friday, 11:00 -11:30 AM, via Zoom.
You will get a link via email after registration.

What to expect

You will learn about the world’s leading business networking model used by over 300.000+ business owners around the world. Plus, you’ll find out how you can use it to your advantage.

With the right networking attitude and mindset, this opportunity enables you to:

  • Expand your network by an average of 200 business connections annually;
  • Receive about 40+ referrals per year;
  • Learn 3 to 5 new valuable business skills and processes.

Learn what it means to be part of the BNI community

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 Sue Todd| Skin Care|USA
"Joining BNI was a life-changing decision. Learning how to market my business through weekly presentations and feature presentations has opened my eyes to the possibilities of networking. More than anything, I have enjoyed building a network of professionals that I am confident referring business to, as each has made the same commitment I have to our code of ethic. I am now a go-to person, and it feeds my soul to send business to fellow members. A third of my own customers are a direct result of BNI.”

- Sue Todd | Skin Care | USA

 Sue Todd| Skin Care|USA
BNI is more than just helping you grow your business it is helping you build your network. You will gain colleagues, business partners, and friends who will become part of your newfound family. This positive and supportive group of people will help you go through any crisis because you-cannot-do-this-alone.”

- Joy Ejercito | Interior Design|Philippines

 Sue Todd| Skin Care|USA
It’s a no brainer for business owners who want to grow personally and professionally. The structure, accountability and systems are proven. BNI doesn’t need selling, it just needs experiencing and the rest takes care of itself when you fully adopt a givers gain mindset.”

- Bronwyn Boyle | Business Consulting|Australia

 Sue Todd| Skin Care|USA
BNI got me out of my comfort zone. It pushed me ahead with resources that helped my business to grow. In two years I’ve made more than a thousand contacts around the world, started a book about entrepreneurship and studies in health science, been interviewed by TV, News and Magazines, and even managed to use my new networking skills to save myself in a life and death situation. My business has grown from two clients to more than forty and continues to grow. I don't have enough words to thank BNI.”

- Omar Cisneros | e-learning|Peru

 Sue Todd| Skin Care|USA
For many new business owners, going out into the marketplace solo can be a lonely journey. I found the comfort of catching up with my business referral group each week to be invaluable for both my sanity and my business. Participating in BNI was the best business decision I ever made, and one I recommend to others in business regularly.”

- Suzzanne Laidlaw| Business Coach|Australia

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Find out how you can occupy the exclusive seat for your industry in our groups!

About BNI

BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world with over 36 years of tradition.

The organization helps create and develop, nationwide groups made up of reliable entrepreneurs that empower each other to grow their businesses through referrals.

In local BNI Groups, which meet every week, entrepreneurs cooperate, share experience, business knowledge and give recommendations, i.e. recommend their services. The average size of a BNI group is 35 members and one of the many reasons why it is so successful around the world is because of the principle of non-competition, meaning that each member gets exclusive marketing rights in a given niche/specialization.

According to the research conducted by BNI, as many as 98% of companies rely on recommendations when acquiring new clients. However, only 3% of companies have a strategy for referrals. Therefore, our mission is to help entrepreneurs in the dynamic development of their companies thanks to marketing recommendations and to change the way Czechs do business.